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SMART Health App challenge- Winner Rewarded $5000

A five thousand dollar ($5000) reward challenge was recently issued by the children’s hospital in Boston and the Harvard medical school. The aim of the challenge was to push developers into being more innovative in creating health related apps. The prize went to an app with a multilingual EMR interface.

The winning team, the Meducation SMART app designers,  was chosen from a total of 15 apps that were submitted since the contest started in March 2011. The remaining 14 didn’t end up as losers as 6 of them got a honorable mention. There really isn’t a loser when it comes to innovation and technology.

The organizers of the challenge, SMART (Substitutable Medical Applications, Reusable Technologies) tasked its competitors with developing a web application that would interface with an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and be of efficient use to physicians, patients and health researchers.

The winning design, the Meducation SMART app, was developed by Morrisville.  Morrisville is a health IT firm that offers most of its services to under-served patient populations. “The app uses the SMART programming interface to obtain the medication list and then links out to a drug information database, which facilitates the generation of simplified medication instructions for patients, available in a dozen languages” (healthcareitnews.com)

6 teams were awarded honorable mentions for the apps below

Clinical Research: creates and interoperability between an EMR system and a clinical electronic data capture system.

Dx Social: Matches Patients with Doctors with past experiences in treating other patients with identical ailments

Medication Risk Maps: Helps identify and compare drug risks and side effects

Mynote: Provides an interactive patient history timeline, with disease specific schemes and allows for annotation

Priority Contact: This manages contact with patients after treatment and keeps tabs on new information relevant to their treatment

Rxinfo:  helps in identifying patients for clinical trials,  provides drug interaction information and a listing of nearby federally funded health centres.

A SMART app store is said to be launching in 2012.  All the other apps submitted for the challenge can be seen on Challenge.gov.


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