Twitter Changes Coming Up Soon

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“You will automatically be upgraded to New Twitter very, very soon.” That was the message i woke up to this morning when I tried to switch back to to the old Twitter. If you still use the old version of Twitter, get ready to move on and start getting used to the new Twitter. The old Twitter would soon be no more. Although the new version of Twitter has been active for the past nine months, Twitter users have still been allowed to switch back to the old twitter.

There has been mixed feelings on the idea of no more old twitter. Some users think its about time the change took place while others still prefer that the old twitter remains for a while. With visible DM Count and it being easier to check retweets, one can understand why some people are complaining about the change but its been 9 months since the new twitter was introduced, that should be enough time to get used to the new Twitter.

Promoted Tweets.

In other Twitter related news, the company hinted at the Cannes Lions award this week that promoted tweet could show up on your Timeline even though you do not follow the account. Looks like a lot of changes happening with Twitter in the coming weeks.

I already see a lot of spam tweets on my timeline, which is very annoying, so seeing promoted tweets from random people would just increase the frustration. Twitter should find another way to generate money from another source as this could cause revolts from people

What do you think about this two moves by Twitter. Does the idea of not being able to switch to the old Twitter frighten you? Or do you think this should have happened a while back? Also does the thought of seeing random tweets on your timeline piss you off, or your timeline is so busy that you would not notice one or two random tweets per day. Leave your opinions in the comments below or better still tweet at us at @Technesstivity.

Ehima Osazuwa

Ehima Osazuwa is a student who is currently enrolled in a 4 year program in the Engineering faculty of McMaster University. He attended Whitesands Secondary School in Nigeria and graduated in the year 2009. He decided to join the Technesstivity team because he has always been interested in various forms of technology. Aside from technology, he enjoys watching and playing sports

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One Comment on “Twitter Changes Coming Up Soon

  1. I think people should get used to the changes…..Facebook has been advancing since day one and everyone just has to jump on the boat and go along with it, i feel the same should happen for twitter.

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