Samsung Showcases 55″ Super OLED TV With Kinect-like Features

Standing at 55-inches, Samsung has showcased its new Smart TV platfrom at this year’s CES with the 55″ Super OLED TV. The huge TV is produced from a single pane of glass and displays pictures from edge-to-edge so when it’s turned off the TV looks like a framed piece of glass.

Samsung’s Smart TVs include features such as Smart Interaction, Smart Content and Smart Apps. Smart Interaction works like Microsoft’s Kinect and features motion control, voice control and facial recognition. The catch here is Smart Interactions will allow you turn your TV on and off, select Apps, listen to music and browse the web.

Smart Content can be accessed via Samsung’s Smart Hub. The service gives access to movies, TV shows and general video streaming. Worried that the TV might get outdated? Samsung users will be able to update their software every year.

How about Smart Apps. Apart from having “the world’s first and largest HDTV apps store”, Samsung Smart TV users will also get Rovio’s ultra-popular game, Angry Birds.

Checkout other devices we’ve seen at CES 2012. We’ll keep you up-to-date with keynotes and new products as they’re announced.

Source: G4TV

Image: Engadget


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