Samsung Galaxy S4 Goes Hard With Features


Samsung finally unveiled the much-anticipated Galaxy S4, and included some great features that pack a punch in today’s smartphone market.

Air View and Air Gesture

First off, they take touch screen to a whole new dimension with these features that make looking through your phone seamless. Air View is an easy way to get previews — all you have to do is hover your finger over what you want to look at.

Hovering your finger over items like multiple tabs open in a browser and individual emails let you see a preview, then you can tap the one you want to go to.

With Air Gesture, it gets even better. Waving your hand over your phone lets you scroll in a browser or gallery and even answer phone calls. According to Android Central, “Samsung envisions using that while driving.” But hey, a girl can think of many cases this feature can be used: wet nails, oily, wet, or sweaty hands. The list of instances can go on.

Smart Pause and Smart Scroll

This one is a good one. Smart Pause recognizes when you look away from a video you’re watching and automatically pauses it. Smart Scroll lets you scroll with your eyes, literally. It scrolls according to what you’re looking at, as well as wrist movement. So, maybe I exaggerated, but apparently it works.
Samsung S Health
Playing off the iPhone’s Nike+ app, the Galaxy S4 features S Health. The new feature tracks your daily exercise habits by counting how many calories you burn as you walk or run, along with environmental factors that might affect activity such as temperature and humidity.

Samsung also has accessories to go along with it — a connected scale, wristband and heart-rate monitor. They all connect to the phone via Bluetooth.


Group Play

This feature lets you connect up to eight Galaxy S4s via NFC and share music (no internet connection required). Meaning all the connected phones can play the same song, view photos and watch videos simultaneously.

Other features according to Android Central include:

  • Samsung Optical Reader: Let’s you scan business cards and other documents.
  • Samsung Adapt Display and Adapt Sound: Optimizing sound and screen on an app-by-app basis.
  • Samsung WatchOn: Using the built-in IR blaster to control televisions. We’ve seen this built into other devices (Samsung and otherwise), and like other iterations it uses Peel to handle TV listings.

Get the Galaxy S4 specs including a hands on video and more photos here.

Source: Android Central

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