Video Games Eating Up Brain Cells?

An international research team recently published a study that shows a positive correlation between the playing of video games and the volume of grey matter in the brain. The study which was conducted, using 154 fourteen year-old gamers, showed that the ventral striatum was larger in gamers who play more often.  The ventral striatum is a part of the dopamine system (Dopamine is a neurotransmitter released in the brain when we perform joyful activities.)

Could this report just be an attempt to reduce the amount of time kids spend on playing video games rather than studying or doing homework. Well, we doubt any matter involving the brain and its capabilities of addiction would be spoken of  frivolously. And With Modern Warfare 3 just coming out,  This report will most undoubtedly raise concerns among parents.

So Is it safe to say now that video games are bad? Well, not exactly! So don’t drop your PS3 pads just yet (PS3 >Xbox – but that’s just me) as the study only showed a correlation and not necessarily a causality.

Health professionals and the gaming industry are yet to comment on this story however. Perhaps, the brains of 14 year old gamers aren’t as important as Kim Kardashian’s daily workout routine?

Only time will tell.

Ade Ogunlewe

Ade grew up in Lagos where he did all his primary and secondary school education at Grace Children School and Whitesands School respectively. After completing both tiers of education, he left Nigeria at the age of 17 to pursue university education in Canada. He got accepted and is now currently enrolled at McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario, where he is studying Earth and Environmental Science. Being a 90’s kid, technology has been a huge part of Ade’s life, from when he got his first Nintendo Gameboy to his first Personal Computer. Therefore, he is no stranger to the possibilities and vast emergence of information technology in the world. Writing about technological advances and innovations is just one of the many joys Ade receives from life. In his spare time, Ade likes to surf the web, read novels and play soccer. He is an avid lover of sports, soccer especially, and supports Arsenal FC of London England.

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