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Rumors have been flying around the web in the last 12 hours, that Twitter plans to launch a photo-sharing service to rival Twitpic, Lockerz, MyPict and YFrog. The news first broke on TechCrunch where they cited unnamed sources. Then it surfaced on All Things Digital, where they confirmed the report and claimed that the service will be launched at the Twitter conference ‘D9′ this week in California. I’m not really surprised about this as Twitter had previously given developers guidelines to redesign their interfaces and make it like the webRead More
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If Twitter, Foursquare and Google were to diss Facebook, what would they say? College Humor lets us find out in this video. The video stars Gilbert Gottfried [as Twitter], Penn Jillette [as Facebook] and Lisa Lampanelli [as Foursquare] throwing jokes at Facebook. Friendster, Reddit, Pandora and other social media sites join in too. Watch and leave a comment below.     Video: CollegehumourRead More

Posted On May 31, 2011By Faridah Demola-SerikiIn Social Media, Twitter

Twitter Introduces Follow Button

Today, in a blog post Twitter announced a ‘follow button’ addition to their widgets, which allows you to follow user accounts directly from their external web pages. With a single click you can follow an account without the hassle of actually visiting their pages. That was the usual “Follow Us On Twitter” button function, which did not guarantee the visitor would actually follow the account. This function I think would be very useful. If you look to the right of the site, you can see how the button looks likeRead More
pes 2012

Posted On May 31, 2011By Demolu DabiriIn Gaming

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Surfaces

I am so sure that as the speculations about FIFA 12 arose, many gamers would have predicted or anticipated news about Pro Evolution Soccer 2012. PES is FIFA’s biggest rival in the soccer game industry so you can always expect Konami, the developers of PES, to stay on their toes and remain competitive; and yes this means the prolonged argument of “FIFA vs PES” will continue. Many of you committed soccer gamers know how this argument starts; you mercilessly destroy (four-nil or more) a friend in one of the titles, and theyRead More

Posted On May 31, 2011By Paul OgunlowoIn Gaming


So EA Sports has given us a first look at the highly anticipated FIFA 12 to be released sometime during or after the summer of 2011. There is probably not much that can be tweaked with FIFA at the moment, seeing as FIFA 10 did not really differ from FIFA 11. So far EA Sports has added three new features to FIFA 12, which are: Tactical Defending, Precision Dribbling, and the Impact Engine. The tactical defending feature that EA is offering hopes to improve the way users defend against theirRead More
If you are one to spend long hours on the phone or sleep with your phone beside you, you might want to check that act as reports earlier today from the World health organization (W.H.O) have suggested that cell phone users may be at carcinogenic risk.  In a report issued by the agency, cell phones have been put in the same category as lead, chloroform, and engine exhaust. This is news one would want to take with utmost concern, considering how important cell phones are in our daily activities. ForRead More

Posted On May 31, 2011By Solape DinaIn Business

The Rapid Disintegration of Nokia Phones

“ Nawa oh Nokia don dey die small small sha”. The ongoing heated competition from Apple and Google has led to the rapid reduction in Nokia’s stock price as low as  approximately 13% on the morning of Tuesday May 31st As seen in the Wall Street Journal, Nokia released a statement Tuesday warning net sales for its devices and services unit will be “substantially” lower than the previous estimate of €6.1 billion to €6.6 billion ($8.8 billion to $9.5 billion). The shortfall was blamed on lower average selling prices andRead More

Posted On May 31, 2011By Faridah Demola-SerikiIn Gadgets, Media, Music

Quality Earphones For Your Budget

Music has always been important to me, so when it comes to quality in my earphones, I don’t joke at all. I took an audio production class where I learnt everything about what makes good audio. Ever since then my ears have been sensitive to poor quality audio. I am writing this to deliver you all from the evils of poor quality audio.Read More

Posted On May 31, 2011By Ade OgunleweIn Science and Health

iOS App Monitors Your Skin Condition

Its that time of the year again when its hot and the sun can have a moderate to severe effect on your skin. If you’re not up for a trip to the dermatologist when conditions come up, with an app called ‘Skin of Mine’ on your  iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you can have the dermatologist come to you. The application, which was updated mid-May, is available for just $2.99 at the App Store. How does it work? You create a free account on Skineofmine.com. And when a skin conditionRead More

Posted On May 31, 2011By Paul OgunlowoIn Business

What is Microsoft Going to do with Skype?

So we all must have heard that Skype has been bought over by the Tech Giant, Microsoft. If you didn’t hear about it, Microsoft acquired Skype for 8.5 billion USD on May 10th, 2011 Facebook was also in the race to acquire Skype but Microsoft beat them to it. This acquisition is quite a shocking one and one would like to explore further into the reasons why Microsoft might have bought over the video chatting company, Skype. One of the ways that Microsoft may integrate Skype into their market isRead More