So EA Sports has given us a first look at the highly anticipated FIFA 12 to be released sometime during or after the summer of 2011. There is probably not much that can be tweaked with FIFA at the moment, seeing as FIFA 10 did not really differ from FIFA 11.

So far EA Sports has added three new features to FIFA 12, which are: Tactical Defending, Precision Dribbling, and the Impact Engine. The tactical defending feature that EA is offering hopes to improve the way users defend against their opponents and make it more advanced and effective. The Precision Dribbling feature will allow people to use more skills during game play and be able to dribble better. There is also a graphic improvement feature called the Impact Engine, which is meant to replicate the exact way players react to any form of impact during game play. These are the new features that EA Sports has told us has been added to FIFA 12 thus far. Watch the video below the view what the Impact Engine is supposed to look like.



Do you play FIFA? If you do, what else do you think EA should add to this edition of FIFA 12 before it’s released? Do you think EA should delay releasing editions of FIFA so that they may be more intriguing when they come out? Tell us what you think.

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