Twitter Hits 250 Million Tweets Daily

At the State of The Web 2.0 Summit last night, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo revealed a few twitter stats and twitter’s ultimate goals. He says “We have lofty ambitions”. “We want to be part of the fabric over every communication in the world, and we think we can reach every person on the planet.” He said Twitter’s goal is what makes it different from what Facebook and Google+ are doing. He described social “as and end in itself”.

Here are Twitter’s new revealed statistics:

• People now send almost 250 million tweets every day. up from 100 million a day at the beginning of this year and 200 million in June.He also said it took three years and two months to for Twitter to deliver its first billion tweets.

• Twitter now has 100 million active global users. Half of them log in everyday.

• Mobile is growing 40 percent each quarter. With the release of Apple’s iOS 5 last week and its close integration with Twitter, the daily sign up was up three times on the first day.

He went on to acknowledge that Twitter’s problem is how to surface content so that new users can discover what’s happening in their world and in the world. He also said Twitter will continue to surface new kinds of ads but these ads will be something Twitter users are already used to. “Now the headlines will be: ‘Costolo: Movie ads coming to Twitter. That won’t happen. Twitter will introduce ads that resonate with what Twitter users are used to.”

There won’t be an IPO soon as Dick Costolo divulged that Twitter had recently raised $800 Million. More money than it needs for a long time.

Source: CNET


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