Twitter Now Has 200 Million Users, 100 Million Are Active

Err… fellow  Nigerians. Facebook isn’t dead o! Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo revealed on Thursday that Twitter now has a total of 200 Million users and out of that 200 Million, 100 Million of them are active. Logging out once a week or once a month. In an informal chat with tech reporters, Costolo says the number of active users is up by 82% since the beginning of the year.

He also said 55 million of  Twitter users login to the service via their mobile phone or tablet every month. Web-based users have also risen as sees from 400 million visitors a month from 250 million. Also Less than 40% of users have not posted a tweet in the last month, according to the CEO,He says “We’re excited about that number,” “That’s super healthy.”

Twitter now gets roughly a billion tweets every five days, 230 million tweets every day, and  hit a new record of 8,900 for tweets per second when Hurricane Irene hit New York and when Beyonce announced her pregnancy at the VMAs.

What do you think about these stats? Considering Facebook’s 750 Million strong user base, Twitter doesn’t seem to be a competitor. Or does it? Leave us a comment

Source: Mashable


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