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After failing to buy Snapchat a few years ago, Facebook went ahead to acquire Instagram. It seems they weren’t satisfied with the picture social service to compete with Snapchat.  Facebook has launched yet another app from their Creative Labs called Slingshot. Slingshot is a social app the lets you share pictures and videos with friends by swiping it in the app and then the picture or video disappears for good. However, what you send to a friend cannot be viewed unless you send or sling something back. Slingshot is available for download inRead More
Just in time for December rockies! Popular photo-sharing service, Instagram will let users send private messages to each other before 2014. This comes according to Mashable via GigaOM. Allowing users to send private messages will add Instagram to the realm of major social networks, including its parent company, Facebook. This could possibly put them in in competition with each other as it will let users interact beyond just likes and comments. What I’d really like to know is if users would be able to share links with this. Are youRead More
I found this video in a post on ReadWrite, after I clicked a link  Jesse tweeted to a post about developers porting web apps to mobile and another post about Google throwing sand in Apple’s face. This animated video examines the way our brain works with respect to finding, collecting and memorising information in respect to the internet. The researcher says the Internet distracts us most of the time and doesn’t give us the space to learn slowly and think deeply. You’re encouraged to go offline for a while andRead More
In the last few days, we’ve noticed a barrage of discussion on the Internet about Path. We’re here to answer all your questions. So What Is Path? Path is a social network launched in November 2010 by Napste Co-Founder, Shawn Fanning and former Facebook executive, Dave Morin. Yes, like Facebook or Twitter, Path allows you share updates called “moments”. A moment could be your new location status, a text update, a photo, the music you’re currently listening to and whether you’re asleep or awake. You can also create messaging groupsRead More
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Nigerian music streaming service iROKING, has partnered with another social network 2go and launched yet another music site for the social network’s users. This is the second time iROKING is launching a mobile music website for users of a social network – it launched one for Eskimi users in December 2012. The mobile site, was developed by iROKING and brings the latest tracks to 2go users – allowing them download songs from their favorite Nigerian artistes for free. Keeping up with 2go’s low-cost approach, the website is light soRead More
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Mobile dating service, Eskimi has released its recent numbers. The service has reached a milestone of 10 million users with Nigeria its largest user base at 5 million users. According to Opera Mini, Eskimi is the second most visited website for mobile internet users in Nigeria. Ahead of Google and Yahoo. Opera Mini is currently the country’s most used browser. In May this year, Eskimi had just over 3.5 million Nigerian users. Its current numbers in Nigeria show a growth of about 42 percent within 6 months. Eskimi says, itsRead More

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Twitter To Censor Tweets Locally

On Twitter’s blog, the company says  “As we continue to grow internationally, we will enter countries that have different ideas about the contours of freedom of expression”. Twitter says prior to its post, the only way to take account of countries’ limits was to remove content that seemed illegal globally. From now on, Twitter will now be able to block content from users in a certain country while keeping the content available globally. Twitter will let users know if they are required to withhold tweets from certain countries and theRead More
200 Million Users aren’t cool. You know what’s cool? A billion Users! A study by a Senior Analyst at iCrossing, Gregory Lyons says Facebook will hit a billion users in August this year. He’s using linear regression from 2008 to 2011 to predict this movement. He also stated in the blog post that Facebook’s growth in the US or UK has slowed and might have stopped. He also says India and Brazil and a few other nations will pick up on this slack. Comparing this to other social networks, Twitter hasRead More
Noah Kravitz  on Twitter
Blogger Noah Kravitz is being sued by his former employer PhoneDog for 17,000 Twitter followers. PhoneDog says his Twitter followers are a customer list and are seeking damages of $2.50 per follower. Leading to a total of $340,000. Noah Kravitz left mobile phone site in 2010 and had been writing under the Twitter username @PhoneDog_Noah. When he left PhoneDog said he could keep the followers he had amassed while working at the company. Kravitz told New York Times the company asked him to “tweet on their behalf from timeRead More
new new twitter home
Twitter has begun rolling out a newly designed interface of its web, iOS and Android platforms. The design comes with a rearrangement of the site, placing all relevant buttons at prominent positions on the header. There’s also a small change in Twitter lingo. ‘Mentions’ will be ‘connect’ and hashtags can be found with the ‘Discover button’. The old ‘Profile’ button is now replaced with the silhouette of a face, the tweet button remains at the top-right spot and is now beside the messages icon. View everything from the homepage TheRead More