New New Twitter Is Here + How To Get It

Twitter has begun rolling out a newly designed interface of its web, iOS and Android platforms. The design comes with a rearrangement of the site, placing all relevant buttons at prominent positions on the header. There’s also a small change in Twitter lingo. ‘Mentions’ will be ‘connect’ and hashtags can be found with the ‘Discover button’. The old ‘Profile’ button is now replaced with the silhouette of a face, the tweet button remains at the top-right spot and is now beside the messages icon.

View everything from the homepage

The home page has been massively redesigned, moving ‘Who to follow’ suggestions, profile information and trending topics to the left of the page. There’s a small box below your profile information where you can compose and send tweets. Tweets are now on the right of the page, immediately loading Photos, videos and conversations. This means you no longer have to click a tweet to view the embedded photos, videos or conversations. Every embedded content now appears in ‘Home’ on desktops, iOS and Android devices.

‘Connect’ with ‘Mentions’

The ‘Connect’ tab replaces the ‘@username’ tab and splits ‘Interactions’ and ‘Mentions’ into two. Clicking ‘mentions’ shows you mentions, while ‘Interactions’ shows you who has followed, mentioned, retweeted, favorited and listed you.

Find new stuff with #Discover

The #Discover tab shows results reflecting your interests. Interests are based on your location, who you follow and what’s happening around the world. Twitter says the more you use twitter, the better Discover gets. You can also search hashtags in discover and you’ll be shown stories, conversation and content related to the hashtag. Discover will also help you find who to follow, friends and browse interests.

New profile is about you

Like the old profile, other Twitter users can mention you, view tweets, lists, favorites, photos, following and followers. Twitter has introduced a Me tab within the profile page. The Me tab allows you to edit your profile straight from the profile page. You can also stay on top of your direct messages in the Me tab.

How do you get New New Twitter?

To get new Twitter, all you have to do is download the latest iPhone and Android versions and the redesign will automatically show up when you sign in on your computer.

What is Twitter doing?

I honestly love Twitter’s new design. Everything can be accessed in multiple tabs included in one tab. It makes it easier for newbies to find content and more especially, it helps them find who to follow based on their interests. This new design should solve the problem of “I don’t know how to use Twitter”. On the other hand, the home tab seems a lot like Facebook’s new feed. Content is now preloaded so you can watch videos and view photos from the page. Remember Facebook recently allowed users view photos without leaving their current page? The facebookification of Twitter continues.

Have you tried the new design? What do you think? Please leave us a comment.

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  • nblinks

    I have always said this, "I like twitter". Twitter has always come out with innovative technology to enhance its users experience.

  • Sir Rojo

    got the new app on my iphone …still no new Twitter on my Comp … Whats good?

  • Idaho River Bum

    And what do people do if they have a Blackberry or flip phone?

    • Binjo

      I guess you’ll have to wait till twitter rolls it out to all users