HMV: Trade in FIFA 12 and get PES 2012 for 99p

Recently, Konami has been disappointing football fans with the Pro Evolution Soccer series as soccer fans are increasingly forsaking PES and pledging their allegiance to FIFA. However, Pro Evolution Soccer 12 will be released tomorrow (14 October). and HMV seems to be backing Konami. If you’re not satisfied with FIFA 12, you can stop by HMV this weekend and trade it in to get PES 2012 for 99p. Good deal right? Well done to HMV for capitalising on EA and Konami’s rivalry.... Read More

The FIFA 12 Demo: A Review

ROONEY!! FIFA 12 is here, or at least the demo is. The sight of Rooney kicking the ball into a net, like he does every year, to start the FIFA game was thrilling to say the least. In case you didn’t get to know, a free demo of FIFA 12 was released to the public yesterday. For PlayStation users, the demo can be downloaded from the PlayStation store. Although only 5 teams can be used in the demo: Dortmund, Arsenal, Milan, Man City and Barcelona, the demo still provides an... Read More

EA Reaveals FIFA 12 Cover Stars

  Above is the UK cover for FIFA 12 which features Man United star striker Wayne Rooney and Arsenal’s key midfielder Jack Wilshere. Rooney has been on the cover for 7 consecutive years, and he’s no push over at the game either; although because of his sponsorship he gets the new releases before everyone else and has time to practice. Jack Wilshere on the other hand should be extremely pleased to be gracing the cover of a FIFA title. Being an Arsenal fan I hope... Read More


So EA Sports has given us a first look at the highly anticipated FIFA 12 to be released sometime during or after the summer of 2011. There is probably not much that can be tweaked with FIFA at the moment, seeing as FIFA 10 did not really differ from FIFA 11. So far EA Sports has added three new features to FIFA 12, which are: Tactical Defending, Precision Dribbling, and the Impact Engine. The tactical defending feature that EA is offering hopes to improve the way users defend... Read More