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Tumblr raised $85million in funding a few days ago and the reason has just become obvious. Tumblr saw its pageviews jump from 2 billion a month to 13 billion since the beginning of 2011. According to Quantcast, Tumblr attracts 72 million visitors a month, over 50% of them come from outside the US. The microblogging service recently passed 10 billion posts and is adding 40 million more each day. Comparing this to Wikipedia, Wikipedia only gets a tenth of Tumblr’s visitors according to comscore. The reason Tumblr gets so manyRead More
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  The original title of this post was ‘Nigerian Startup NollywoodLove Gets $3Million Funding”. I drafted it in this morning so I’ll let you read the original draft at the bottom. Webtrendsng reported that Jason Njoku’s NollywoodLove had received $3Million from an unnamed American Startup fund. Well, NollywoodLove’s founder, Jason Njoku in an email to Techloy has said “IROKO Partners / NollywoodLove funded? Not too sure where you getting your information…I am too wondering where they’re (WebTrends Nigeria) getting their information from.”. Here’s our original draft on the story: “IfRead More
Earlier today, Amazon unveiled four new kindles. A new version of the Regular Kindle starting at $79, Kindle Touch with a touchscreen at $99, Kindle Touch 3G with free 3G at $149 and the Kindle Fire: Amazon’s Android tablet. We heard confirmation on Amazon’s Kindle tablet a while back although the rumors have been around for about a year. All Kindles will get Amazon’s Whispersync service for free: Bookmarks, notes and highlights are automatically synchronized across devices. We’ll take a quick look at each of Amazon’s new devices. Kindle FireRead More
Sell 1 iPhone, and 2 Androids? Seems like the delay in the iPhone 5(if that’s what it/they’ll be called)’s confirmation,rollout and sales have pushed sales of Android based phones. A recent Nielsen study shows that 56% of Smartphones sold since June were Android phones. Nielsen sampled 25,000 mobile phone users, among them 43% have Android devices. On the other hand, 28% of smartphone buyers got an iPhone, 18% of respondents have  a BlackBerry, although only 9% of respondents bought a BlackBerry during the summer. Smartphone penetration has continued to increase.Read More
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Posted On September 28, 2011By Akinyemi OgunsanyaIn Business, Facebook, Social Media

Facebook’s New Mobile Strategy

 Facebook now has a new focus – mobile. Facebook mobile chief Erick Tseng in the GigaOM Mobilize conference said that Facebook will be a mobile company within 2 years. He stated that the company plans on being a mobile company as much as it is a desktop company. He clearly highlighted why mobile is next ‘goldmine’ for the world’s largest social network. He said “If you take a look at our top line of growth, we’re getting to the point that the countries we’re getting into now are ones thatRead More
Apple has finally officially started sending out invites to its Cupertino Event. “Lets talk iPhone” the invite says. And it seems a great deal of the tech world, including us, at Technesstivity, are waiting with bated breath to hear what new CEO, Tim Cook has to say on October 4th. There has been rampant speculation with regards to the direction Apple is taking their smartphone business and it seems that after months of waiting for the iPhone 5, we finally get to hear and see what the company has upRead More
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Posted On September 27, 2011By Faridah Demola-SerikiIn Design

Google Turns 13 With A Doodle

Welcome to adolescence Google. You’re going to go through puberty – digital puberty. Mean people in your class like Facebook and Twitter might try to bring you down. Just be friends with them and the world will be a happy place. You might get a new boyfriend in a merger like Blogger and Zagat, they’re really good friends now. You’ve come a long way Google, thirteen years and you’re still going strong. From this: To this: Google truly has grown as a whole company. From all of us at Technesstivity,Read More
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Samsung has announced that since the Galaxy S II’s launch in April, it has sold 10 Million copies of the device.  In the last 8 weeks, the S II has sold 5 million copies. As at July, only 5 Million copies of the Galaxy S II had been sold. We have to however compare it to how the iPhone has done in Q2. The iPhone was sold over 20 Million times in Q2 only. For those who don’t know, the Samsung Galaxy S II is the successor of the GalaxyRead More

Posted On September 24, 2011By Faridah Demola-SerikiIn Design, Facebook, Social Media, Top Stories

The Facebook f8 Conference Summarized and Simplified

Facebook’s annual f8 conference was on Thursday, September 22nd. CEO, Mark Zuckerberg gave developers and the public of a glimpse of what they’ve had in the works for about a year now. For those of you who don’t know, the f8 conference is held yearly to showcase the future of Facebook and how companies/developers can use it to enhance users’ social networking experience. In this year’s edition, here’s a summary of what happened – simplified. First of all, ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ was introduced to the audience where he explained new featuresRead More

Posted On September 23, 2011By Paul OgunlowoIn Business, Mobile

iPhone 5: October 4th?

Just when the rumors were beginning to die and people were starting to think that it the iPhone 5 was not coming out this year, the rumor has been rekindled again. Fresh rumors out of the Wall Street Journal’s sister publication AllThingsD reports that Apple is to hold its next big media event on the 4th of October and it is believed that the iPhone 5 will be unveiled then. There have been many pointers to the iPhone 5 being released soon. At one of Apple’s largest retail stores inRead More