Facebook’s New Mobile Strategy

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 Facebook now has a new focus – mobile. Facebook mobile chief Erick Tseng in the GigaOM Mobilize conference said that Facebook will be a mobile company within 2 years. He stated that the company plans on being a mobile company as much as it is a desktop company. He clearly highlighted why mobile is next ‘goldmine’ for the world’s largest social network. He said

“If you take a look at our top line of growth, we’re getting to the point that the countries we’re getting into now are ones that don’t really use computers at all. The predominant ways people are connecting in Africa, in India, is through their mobile devices. As Mark touched on a few days ago, we now have over 350 million mobile users. Within another year or two, we’ll be a mobile company, with 1/2 [of our users] mobile users.”

It is good that Facebook realises that the next huge growth potential is in the emerging markets of India and Africa where PC penetration is very low and normal people use mobile phones to communicate with their loved ones. The move by Facebook into the mobile space will really boost user growth as engagement time  on the network.

Courtesy: Techcruch


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