Facebook launches ‘Facebook For Every Phone’ App

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Facebook has launched a mobile app that can work on any phone due to increased competition from other mobile based social-networks like Twitter

The app works on over 2,500 mobile phones and includes Facebook features like the news feed, inbox, and photos. It also enables you to upload photos and find friends from your phone’s contacts. Facebook has partnered with many carriers worldwide to make this app free for the next 90 days. Also, this app is less optimized than other Java based applications and mobile sites which makes using the app more affordable when the 90 day period ends.

The app allows you capture, upload and edit  photos directly from the app. This is very similar to what we’ve seen on Google+’s Android app.

Ron from Facebook explains how the app works in this video:

You can download the app by visiting m.facebook.com and clicking the download link at the bottom of the page,  or by entering d.facebook.com/install on their mobile browser. The app can also be downloaded on GetJar and Appia.

Here’s a list of mobile carriers facebook has teamed up with to make this app free for the next 90 days starting today:

Carriers offering free data access for a limited time:

•   Aircel (India)

•   Airtel (India)

•   Banglalink (Bangladesh)

•   Beeline (Russia)

•   Celcom (Malaysia)

•   Etisalat (Egypt, Nigeria)

•   Globe (Philippines)

•   Idea (India)

•   Indosat (Indonesia)

•   O2 Telefonica (Germany)

•   Reliance (India)

•   Smart (Philippines)

•   Smartfren (Indonesia)

•   Telkomsel (Indonesia)

•   Three (Indonesia, United Kingdom)

•   TIM (Brazil)

•   TMN (Portugal)

•   Ufone (Pakistan)

•   Vodafone (Turkey)

•   XL (Indonesia)

I think I’ll be spending a little more time on Facebook. What do you think about this app? Does it put Facebook ahead of Google+ considering the fact that Google+ doesn’t work on mobile and people can’t even get into the service?


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