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After failing to buy Snapchat a few years ago, Facebook went ahead to acquire Instagram. It seems they weren’t satisfied with the picture social service to compete with Snapchat.  Facebook has launched yet another app from their Creative Labs called Slingshot. Slingshot is a social app the lets you share pictures and videos with friends by swiping it in the app and then the picture or video disappears for good. However, what you send to a friend cannot be viewed unless you send or sling something back. Slingshot is available for download inRead More

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Table Soccer For Android: The Nostalgia Trip

I may not need to remind anyone about a little game we played when we were younger, that involved two goalposts made of paper, a little ball made of paper and a lot of bottle caps or in some cases more paper. If you never knew that you’ll know how the game is played in a second. Table Soccer is a game by ChopUP Games developed using the Unity Game Engine, it’s a somewhat fresh take of the classic “Table Soccer” game. In Table Soccer players select from 3 free bottleRead More

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WhatsApp To Offer Voice Calling Services By The Summer

Following Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp for $19 billion, TechCrunch heard from WhatsApp CEO, Jan Koum that the app will be getting voice communication services in the second quarter of 2014 (i.e. by the summer). The service will start rolling out on iOS and Android devices first before it starts showing up on “some Nokia and BlackBerry phones.” Sorry guys. No one knows how it will work yet, all we know is that it’s coming and should give apps like Viber a run for their money. Hopefully they don’t start making usRead More
In 2012 Facebook acquired Instagram in a deal which was its biggest acquisition yet at $1bn! Now the social network giant has acquired the popular messaging app, WhatsApp for a whopping $19 billion in cash and stock. WhatsApp currently has over 450 million monthly users and growing and is poplar mostly with teenagers and/or anyone looking to avoid text message charges.  It allows users to send messages over internet connections hence avoiding text messaging fees. The company claims it is currently registering one million new users a day. The acquisition byRead More
Facebook recently released its new Paper app which isn’t another social network like you thought, but is a new way to view your Facebook news feed. Paper allows you to navigate through your news feed item-by-item with the swipe of a finger. Images appear full-screen with accompanying captions  and you can pan from left to right simply by tilting your device. To put things in a better context, the app poses as a radical change in  how users view status updates, photographs and videos posted by friends. Videos in your newsRead More

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Facebook Visits Konga in Nigeria

Last Tuesday, a team led by Head of Facebook, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Nichola Mendelsohn paid a courtesy visit to online retailer Konga. The visit is believed to be recognition of the growing significance of Nigeria’s eCommerce industry. “The team were really interested in how Konga has been able to stamp its footprint in Nigeria in such a short time with plenty of positive feedback coming from users on Facebook.” As stated from their official blog. Mendelsohn emphasized their admiration and satisfaction for the successful execution of Konga’s past campaigns whileRead More
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Imagine if countries in the 1940s had no other way of communicating except through Facebook. This image on DamnXD takes us through a News Feed of comments by countries and parties involved in the second World War.Read More
Within the week, Facebook launched Facebook Home – a special application for Android that lays Facebook goodness over your Android phone. Initially, speculations hinted at a Facebook OS or a Facebook Phone. This application puts all those to rest. It’ll be available from the Google Play Store on April 12th. We’ll take you through the features of the app and let you decide if you want this. You probably will. Cover Feed Instead of  your regular Android lock screen, Facebook has added a Cover Feed. The feed shows the latest FacebookRead More
Facebook announced a redesign of its famous news feed, giving users more control over what shows up and options to view updates from different categories of friends. The company says its aim is to reduce clutter. Photos have become even more prominent in this design. They take more space than they ever have. Other stories from your friends and pages you like now have a fresh, new look with larger previews that hold more information. Make no mistake, Facebook’s new newsfeed design is based on its mobile design. If you’re aRead More
Casual gaming startup Maliyo Games has launched all its 10 games on Facebook’s popular app platform. Maliyo launched its games on its website Maliyo.com earlier this year. Taking the games to Facebook will leverage on Facebook’s social sharing experience. Maliyo’s app allows you play all its games as well as invite friends and share scores. Do you think you’re a badass gamer? Maliyo’s Facebook app has got a leaderboard to show who’s boss. To play the games, click here. Games are currently only available to Flash enabled devices. If you wantRead More