Facebook Redesigns Newsfeed, Inspired By Mobile


Facebook announced a redesign of its famous news feed, giving users more control over what shows up and options to view updates from different categories of friends. The company says its aim is to reduce clutter.

Photos have become even more prominent in this design. They take more space than they ever have. Other stories from your friends and pages you like now have a fresh, new look with larger previews that hold more information.


Make no mistake, Facebook’s new newsfeed design is based on its mobile design. If you’re a regular Facebook mobile user, it’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see it. Switching between the news feed and your profile will now be done in a bar on your right.

Facebook has also said it’ll be porting the new newsfeed options to its mobile apps. So if you use Facebook for Android or iOS, you’ll get the new options soon.


For web users, Facebook has begun rolling it out to a few users and requesting feedback. You can join the waiting list at the bottom of this page. We’ll post a walkthrough of the new design as soon as we get it.

Here are Greg and other Facebook staffers explaining the newsfeed.

Facebook has continued to change certain elements in its design over the years and has stuck to its guts at doing so. What do you think about the new design of newsfeed? Do you like it?


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