How To Get Facebook’s Timeline Now In 7 Steps

At Facebook’s f8 developer conference today, one of the features announced was the ‘Timeline’ feature. Facebook had launched the new Newsfeed and Ticker earlier. Initially when I heard ‘Timeline’ I was like that’s a Twitter thing. Right? Wrong! The Timeline is totally different from Twitter’s. It’s a collection of updates, photos and locations tagged to a particular date/time in your Facebook history. On the old Facebook profile, you had to click ‘Older Posts’ for as long as you needed to view a friend’s old updates. Now all you have to do is click a particular year or month on the side of a ‘Cover’ image.

We’ll assume you’re already logged in to Facebook, so Let’s Get Started:

1. Enable Facebook’s developer mode. If you haven’t already done this, just search for ‘developer’ in the search box. The first result is what you’re looking for. Now, enable the developer app by clicking the ‘Allow’ button and Allow the app. 

2. Move over to the developer app via 

3. Create a new app. Give your app a name and a namespace(The namespace doesn’t allow all special characters and must be a minimum of 7 characters). Read through the Platform Privacy Agreement and Accept it afterwards.

4. You’ll be moved to your app’s settings page. From there click the ‘Open Graph’ link on the left of the page and then click ‘Get Started Using Open Graph’.


I called it 'Binjisco' because Faridah has infected me with her razzness

5. You’ll need to create a test action like ‘Read’ a ‘book’ or ‘Watch’ a ‘Movie’.


6. After this, you’ll be moved to the action type configuration page. Play around with a few of the action settings and you should go through all three pages. For mine, I didn’t go through all the pages there were a few errors when I clicked ‘Save Changes’ so I skipped the last 2 pages and went straight to my profile.

7. Wait about 3 minutes and head back to your profile. There’s an invitation waiting for you to try out the new Timeline.

It’s important to note that this is a developer’s version. There’ll be some bugs while you try to do this. Also, your Timeline might not be seen by your friends. Some timelines have been set not to go live until September 29th. There are also reports that it’ll only show on your current computer, that’s the computer you used to set it up.

In the last week, we’ve seen Facebook add a subscribe button to profiles, take the poke button away and redesign the news feed to strengthen its service. Like every Facebook change, majority of users have complained about these changes. I think Facebook knows that its in an  innovative industry. The only way to move forward is to keep adding new features, taking a few away and redesigning the website a bit. They also have to stay ahead(and even copy) of other social networks. Or else you’ll end up like Yahoo.

Now that you’ve seen it, how do you like it? Leave us a comment.

Source: TechCrunch 


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    Facebook loves to make changes :) I likes-it looks different but attractive. Instead of reacting to fbk changes better we relax and enjoy the ride..The upgrades will never end..and for people is available too.