How to Boost Battery Life in Android Phones: 5 Great Apps

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Most Android phone batteries last for only half a day, and it’s horrible – that’s why we’re always trying to find ways to improve the battery lives of our devices and make them last for at least a day or two. There are several tips that every Android user knows, like turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, making the screen darker and so on. But there are also some useful applications that can help boost your phone’s battery life. They’re usually very simple yet effective (you’ll feel the difference at once!), and below come the best 5 of them:


1. Juice Defender

Juice Defender is one of the best Android apps for boosting battery life, and it’s one of the most popular ones, too – just look how many good reviews it has received on Google Play! The app just automatically limits or turns off the Wi-Fi and/or Internet connections if you’re not using them at the moment, and it really helps save much energy and battery life.

The only bad thing about this app is – your phone won’t get any updates via the Internet connection when it’s on standby – you’ll have to do everything manually. But anyway, this problem has an easy solution, too – you can just turn the app off when you don’t need it.

Google Play offers two versions of the app, both free and paid ($6.52). It works great on all Android phones, and it’s simply a must for those quad-core ones, since more powerful the processor is, the more energy it consumes.

2. Android Booster

Android Booster is the next great app for enhancing battery life. It offers you detailed diagrams showing what app or feature consumes the battery at the moment, and allows you to turn it off if it’s not something necessary at the moment.

The best thing about this app is – it has a number of other features and capabilities, too, so along with saving energy it can also optimize the memory and the speed of your phone.

The app comes for free on Google Play, and it has received a number of very good reviews, so if you’re looking to improve your phone’s battery life, speed and memory, don’t hesitate to try it.

3. Battery Booster

Battery Booster is the next free app providing a number of tools for boosting battery life. Just as the previous app, this one shows what’s affecting your phone’s battery at the moment, and you can also customize it and make it turn off all the unnecessary things when they’re not being used. Useful and free!

4. GreenPower

GreenPower manages the wireless connections just like Juice Defender does, and it does everything automatically, so there’s no need to customize anything. Unlike many other similar apps, this one enables the email push features even when the other connections are limited, so you’ll be able to both save battery life and receive your emails in a timely manner, and for this you’ll have to pay £1.99.


5. Battery Widget

And finally, there’s a nice free battery widget that doesn’t actually affect the battery life but shows the exact battery level, which can also be very useful for every Android user.


So here are the best apps I’ve found on Google Play, and they can really help you boost the battery life of your Android phone. Do you use any battery saving apps? Please share in the comments.


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