MTN Introduces Mobile TV For All Data Enabled Mobile Devices

MTN subscribers will soon have the ability to watch live TV on any data-enabled device. The telco says MTN Mobile TV offers live streaming of TV content and ‘made for mobile’ video to data-enabled devices – feature phones, smartphones, iOS and Android tablets. In 2007, MTN introduced a special mobile TV that only worked with phones with the Digital Video Broadcasting for Handheld radio.

You can activate the MTN Mobile TV bundles using your phone’s browser, by either accessing the Mobile TV packages via the MTN Play Portal, or by typing in the address of the MTN Mobile TV service of the mobile TV service of choice. From the image on MTN’s website we can deduce that MTN Mobile TV will offer viewing services to Sky News, BBC Word News, Optima Sports, NTA, Aljazeera and a host of other channels.

The company hasn’t announced what bundles are available and how much they will cost.

Hopefully, MTN will be able to handle the amount of data going through its network. Will you subscribe to this service as an MTN user? Please leave a comment.

Source: MTN, Facebook


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  • John Henry Ikumokonu

    That’s intereting. It’s only the price dat wlll drive d demand, especially in nigerian mobile market that has less than 2% of data enabled phone users. Nigerian mobile market is large enough to afford the subscribers low charges on most social applications/services due to our bulk consumption potential as applicable to countries like china, india, malaysia, usa, etc. A typical example of price being the demand driver in mobile industry is the very low demand for data-enabled phone useage, compare to subscribers’ population in nigeria. The prices of smart phones are high, thereby driving their demand low and making mobile social applications/services under subscribed/utilized in nigeria. Introducing Mobile TV and other applications without the Network Operators collaborating with phone producers to make available durable and cheaper data enabled phones into nigerian market especially for the youth, will still make those applications introduction meaningless.

  • Juliet

    This is a wonderful innovation but it will have too many disadvantages to the youth's labour because of distraction and the country's economy at large… Technologists, all i have to say to you is 'MORE POWER TO YOUR ELBOW' …….