Sharetori Introduces Ads For Websites, Promises To Pay For Impressions

When we first saw Sharetori, it was a pay-to-share network for users of social media. The service paid users on its network to post updates about brands and products to various social networks. Sharetori has introduced a new ad distribution network for website publishers.

Sharetori says it has discovered Nigerian websites can make even more money than they currently do if there’s an advertisement network to help. The new service promises to pay publishers per impressions per week. For example 0 ≥ 100 impressions per week will result in a payment of 50 Naira per campaign.

The service works like any other web advertisement network. You’ll have to signup at Sharetori and then generate your unique code which you then place at a convenient place on your website/blog. Each unique campaign will be displayed on the portal for a maximum of 7 days; On any day, Sharetori will show an average of 5 – 20 campaigns on a web page in rotation.

You earn money when any campaign is shown once. This means if a Technesstivity ad shows up on your website, you get paid for a visit that shows that Technesstivity ad. Therefore, if there are twenty (20) Ads in Sharetori’s inventory and your pages serve a unique impression of more than 1000 a week per advert, you earn 500 x 20 = 10,000 Naira for that week.

Unlike regular online ad networks, Sharetori’s new service doesn’t pay per click or by the number of impressions of a particular campaign . Withdrawals below N1000 can be made via airtime while withdrawals above that, can be deposited into a bank account.

For small time Nigerian bloggers and website owners, this is almost a guaranteed way to make some money off your visits. There are no thresholds like Google’s Adsense and more importantly, you are paid for impressions.

Bloovue and Twinpine, here is your new competitor.


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