Arik Air’s Website Taken Down By D.O.S Attack

In the latest action within the #ArikWhereIsMyIPad Saga between blogger Japheth Omojuwa and Arik Air, a group of hackers with the Twitter handle @Op_ArikAir has thrown a Denial Of Service attack on Arik’s main website at The website has been down for over half an hour, crippling the purchase and sale of Arik flight tickets.

UPDATE: The website has been restored after a 60 minute attack. The hackers say they’ll give a 5-minute break and continue attacks.

Omojuwa forgot his iPad on an Arik flight earlier this year, went back to Arik and wasn’t given his iPad. He then gave Arik an ultimatum to return his iPad within a specific number of days or face an onslaught on social media sites. For Omojuwa’s side of the story, click here

Arik did not return his iPad within the time specified and Omojuwa went all out. #ArikWhereIsMyIpad was the top twitter trend in Nigeria at a particular time.

Due to Omojuwa’s popularity in the online media space, he’s clearly gotten a lot of sympathy from his fans and other disgruntled Arik flyers.

Arik has till date not issued an official statement on this matter although we have seen a lot of people defend Arik on social media sites.

What Omojuwa is trying to do is to make a Nigerian company accountable. We all know how customer service is almost non-existent in a lot of service providing companies.

This also shows how powerful social media has become in Nigeria. In January, we witnessed the #occupynigeria and #fuelsubsidy protests which were largely fueled by Bloggers and influential people on social media platforms.

There is currently no law prohibiting Denial of Service attacks on Nigerian websites.


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