LulzSec Launch Hack Attack on CIA Website

The infamous “hacktivist” group, LulzSec, has struck again; this time, temporarily taking down the website of the US’s own Central Intelligence Agency. The website at was said to be responding slowly or not at all for the better part of Wednesday but was up running again on Thursday. The CIA seemed not to be immediately aware of the intrusion or the responsible party as in a statement, a spokesperson told BBC News: “The CIA’s public web site experienced technical issues that caused it to respond slowly for a short time yesterday evening. Those issues are now resolved.” However, in order to maintain their remarkably cheeky reputation, the group left a trail on their Twitter account:

This attack happened on the same day LulzSec opened a telephone line where supporters could call in and suggest the groups next target. They claim to have infiltrated a number of sites as a result of some requests but unfortunately they weren’t generous enough to disclose that information.

Dear readers, you might want to be wary about the information you publish online due to the increasing number of cyber attacks on unsuspecting sites. Remember that LulzSec was behind attacks on Sony Pictures, a Nintendo server, the Bethesda Software website and they even managed to bypass the security of the US Senate website.

Will these hack attacks affect the way you use the Internet? Do you personally think LulzSec are on to something? Please leave any comments below.

Demolu Dabiri

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