Third Samsung Galaxy S II Anti-iPhone Ad Jabs iCloud and iTunes

Titled “The Next Big Thing – Music and Movies”, this is the third ad from Samsung that mocks Apple fanboys. It continues from a fictional iPhone-launch-day line we see every year. This particular ad jabs at Apple’s iCloud service and iTunes.

A guy walks up to two other guys and a babe and he’s surprised they’re still on the line. One says “36 hours is a small price to pay to keep all my music and my movies”. He responds by saying he has all his music, movies and playlists in one place in addition to tons of places where he can buy his movies. The fanboys act surprised and the ad pokes fun at what they’ve given up to be on the line.

The question is do iPhone owners have other music and movie purchasing options other than iTunes? I think so. Anyway, here’s the third Samsung Galaxy S II ad.


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