Samsung Jabs iPhone Users In New Galaxy S II Ad

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Samsung is taking the war with Apple a step further in its new ‘Next Big Thing’ TV ad. It starts with the caption “New York, NY. 9 hours to go” and shows long lines across cities in the US – Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston and Chicago. The kind of line you see at Apple Stores on the launch date of a new device. One of the guys on the line says “I can stay here for 3 weeks” while another lady seems to be tweeting about how many hours she has to spend left on the line. Another lady says “I think 2 people just left” and the guy in front of her responds “Why will they be leaving when we’re only 9 hours away”.

Other members of the group argue about the specs of the device. “Blogs are saying the battery’s sketchy” “If it looks the same, how will people know I upgraded?”. They aren’t even sure if the device has 4G services. Then someone notices a Galaxy S II user and the other guys around different parts of the country notice it too. They all marvel at the Galaxy S II’s size and most especially its 4G service.

Then they go “It’s a Samsung”. Like Samsung products are crap. A guy says “I could never get a Samsung, I’m creative” and his friend replies “Dude, you’re a Barista”. They go back and forth about the 4G speeds and at the end  the caption “The Next Big Thing Is Already Here” shows up on the screen.

This a low punch at Apple Fanboys who queue up for devices on their launch date. The ad makes them seem like controlled robots who can’t see the truth. Samsung has already sold over 10 Million Galaxy S IIs within the first six months of release and is on to sell even more. Samsung also overtook Apple as largest seller of smartphones in Q3.

iPhone users, what do you think? Please leave a comment.


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4 Comments on “Samsung Jabs iPhone Users In New Galaxy S II Ad

  1. Samsung is making fool of Apple fans in its new ad?! That’s hilarious! You gotta watch it!

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