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Posted On July 31, 2011By Demolu DabiriIn Gaming

EA Reaveals FIFA 12 Cover Stars

  Above is the UK cover for FIFA 12 which features Man United star striker Wayne Rooney and Arsenal’s key midfielder Jack Wilshere. Rooney has been on the cover for 7 consecutive years, and he’s no push over at the game either; although because of his sponsorship he gets the new releases before everyone else and has time to practice. Jack Wilshere on the other hand should be extremely pleased to be gracing the cover of a FIFA title. Being an Arsenal fan I hope to hear about the 19Read More
Etisalat Nigeria has launched a subscriber-only appstore for subscribers to its BlackBerry services. The appstore is only open to Etisalat users and can be downloaded via their website. It is Etisalat’s hopes that the service will encourage Nigerian app developers to build innovative apps that enhance user experience and also create commercial opportunities for them. The question is are developers going to port their apps to Etisalat Appstore? First of all, the system is closed. It’s open to only Etisalat users while the BlackBerry App World run by R.I.M isRead More

Posted On July 28, 2011By Dunni AbiodunIn Mobile, Social Media, Top Stories

RIM Announces BBM 6

In a post yesterday, we mentioned that RIM had something big to announce today and now, we know what it is. in a blog post this morning, RIM announced the release of the latest iteration of its Blackberry Messanger (BBM) client called BBM 6. I have long said that the only reason that people still use Blackberries is simply because of the fact that a lot of their friends use Blackberries and thus, they have a free(ish) messaging client with BBM. In recent years however, the advent of applications suchRead More

Posted On July 27, 2011By BinjoIn Mobile

What Does RIM Plan To Launch Today?

  According to an update on Research in Motion’s Official Facebook page for the BlackBerry, the Waterloo based company is going to launch something new, social and shiny. Yesterday, the page said: “Hey Team BlackBerry, what’s shiny, new and social all over? We want to tell you all about it. Can you guess what it might be? Tune in tomorrow for details!” We’re thinking the Bold Touch might finally get to stores, or maybe there are other Phones R.I.M has planned in its works. R.I.M hasn’t seen much of aRead More

Posted On July 27, 2011By BinjoIn Business

Apple Launches New Ad for iPad 2 [VIDEO]

  Titled “We’ll Always” and produced by TBWA/Media Arts Lab, Apple’s latest ad for the iPad 2 continues with the approach from the last ads. The last ad was titled “If you asked” and it began with “If you asked” questions. This particular ad, tolls the line “We’ll Always”. “We’ll never stop sharing our memories or getting lost in a good book. We’ll always cook dinner and cheer for our favorite team,” Apple says how we do it, will never be the same. Watch the video and leave us your thoughtsRead More
Everybody has a BlackBerry no? Wrong. BusinessDay investigations have revealed from sources close to the four Nigerian GSM networks, that there are now about 1.2million BlackBerry handsets active within the networks. Investigations also revealed that less than half of the 1.2 Million BlackBerry users subscribe to the BlackBerry Internet Service. On the upside, about 500,000 users subscribe to BIS, up from 300,000 subscribers two months ago. The number of subscribers to the BIS has increased due to the reduction in tariff from all networks. Allowing users to subscribe for weekly,Read More
It’s called ‘Metro’. Microsoft is beginning to integrate the Live Tile design of  Windows Phone 7 and the recently announced Windows 8 into it’s products. The Live Tile design already exists on Microsoft’s Zune and on the XBox Dashboard. Metro has also shown up on Microsoft’s homepage, as well as leaks of the next Microsoft Office. I think what Microsoft is trying to do here is give all its services the same kind of interface so users don’t get confused with each product. The question is: Won’t it get boringRead More
We saw a video leak a while ago of Nokia boss, Stephen Elop showing off Nokia’s first Windows 7 Phone, the ‘Sea Ray’. Here’s another video showing the device, but this time, it’s a hands-on video so we get to see the inside of things. The Nokia ‘Sea Ray’ in this video has 3 Windows Phone 7 specific buttons at the bottom of the phone, reducing speculations that it’ll include virtual buttons in the OS. As predicted, it runs Windows Phone 7 Mango and the design remains close to thatRead More
Facebook logo
  A U.S district judge has dismissed a second lawsuit by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss against Facebook, where they sought to increase their earlier $65 Million settlement they received from Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg. The case was dismissed on Friday, a month after the Winklevii and Divya Narendra abandoned an appeal to the U.S Supreme Court. If you’ve seen the movie ‘The Social Network’, you’ll know that the Winklevii and Divya Narendra allege that Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea for a social network ‘Harvard Connection’ which he used toRead More

Posted On July 23, 2011By BinjoIn Gadgets

How Do Touch Screens Work? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ever wondered how touch screen gadgets work? This infographic explains the types of screens, costs, how they work and their advantages. Source: TheNextWeb via MyCricket http://www.mycricket.com/community/cell-phone-info/how-does-touch-screen-phone-workRead More