Microsoft’s Bing Gets a Live Tile Redesign

It’s called ‘Metro’. Microsoft is beginning to integrate the Live Tile design of  Windows Phone 7 and the recently announced Windows 8 into it’s products. The Live Tile design already exists on Microsoft’s Zune and on the XBox Dashboard. Metro has also shown up on Microsoft’s homepage, as well as leaks of the next Microsoft Office.

I think what Microsoft is trying to do here is give all its services the same kind of interface so users don’t get confused with each product. The question is: Won’t it get boring to users after a while? Boxes everywhere?

Here’s what Windows 8 and Zune look like:

Windows 8 Start Screen


Zune Marketplace

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One Response to “Microsoft’s Bing Gets a Live Tile Redesign”
  1. Paul says:

    i don't think it is something that will get boring…'s always a good thing to bring simplicity across platforms just like what Apple has done with OS X Lion. Almost all of their platforms are similar now and it makes it easier for users to navigate without stress

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