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Posted On September 30, 2010By Faridah Demola-SerikiIn Design

Google Doodle Celebrates The Flinstones

Photo by Google.com The Flinstones got their very own Doodle today. Google put it up to celebrate the popular cartoon’s 50th anniversary. The cartoon ran from September 30, 1960 to April 1, 1966 on ABC. The ‘G’ in the Doodle is represented by all the characters of the cartoon while constant symbols in the show represent the rest if the letters. The cartoon is now being remembered today by people all over the world and has even become a trending topic on Twitter. I don’t know if it’s just meRead More
Photo by Digital Surgeons Sure, the Apple can sell 100,000 units of the iPhone 4 in four days but that doesn’t make CEO Steve Jobs richer than Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The Forbes list of richest people in America which is compiled according to the individual’s net worth revealed this and it came as a shocker mainly because Zuckerberg was all the way at 158 last year while Jobs was up at 43. Both are now at 35 and 42 respectively. Zuckerberg has been the youngest billionaire to date. It’sRead More

Posted On September 27, 2010By Faridah Demola-SerikiIn Gadgets

Blackberry Reveals Tablet

Photo by Research In Motion It’s not even been 24 hours yet and Research In Motion’s new BlackBerry PlayBook is already creating a lot of buzz. The company put out a press release earlier today announcing their new addition to their mobile devices. This video posted on the BlackBerry blog revealed it’s features to the public I myself am not much of an RIM supporter because I believe the company cleverly moved the world back technologically with phones that don’t even do much to compete in the smartphone industry butRead More

Posted On September 27, 2010By Faridah Demola-SerikiIn Design

Google Celebrates It’s 12th Birthday! (With a Doodle Of Course)

Photo by Wayne Thiebaud for Google.com What better way for Google to celebrate it’s birthday than with a Google Doodle. This has become Google’s new way of celebrating things with the public without actually celebrating. The doodle like all others, will probably only be on the homepage for one day only. And as all Google Doodles are linked to a related search, so is this one. The thing is, when you click on it, you automatically search “Google”. Now who wouldn’t want to Google “Google”? What can I say, it’sRead More

Posted On September 27, 2010By Faridah Demola-SerikiIn Mobile

The New Windows Phone Doesn’t Support Tethering…Really?

There has been a lot of good hype about Windows’ latest device the Windows Phone 7. I was actually starting to get impressed as Windows doesn’t do much to impress me anymore. That was until I found out the phone won’t be supporting tethering, multitasking or any other network but AT&T. The phone won’t be supporting CDMA networks like Sprint and Verizon until early 2011. Here Windows goes making the same mistakes Apple made with the iPhone. Apple just enabled multitasking on the iPhone with iOS 4 and started supportingRead More

Posted On September 24, 2010By Faridah Demola-SerikiIn Social Media, Twitter

The New Twitter Is Finally Here!

Yes, Twitter has been advertising it’s new platform’s arrival for the past week and a half and all they’ve shown us have been screenshots and videos. Twitter CEO Ev Williams tweeted that the account selection for the new Twitter platform was “random and worldwide”. As time went on, top Twitter users got to use it first, posting their reactions and making twitterholics around the world jealous. I, of course, was one of them until today that is. I finally got the invitation to switch to the new Twitter! It’s notRead More