You May Be Able To Trade In Your 3rd Generation iPad

Most owners of the 3rd generation iPad must have felt cheated yesterday when Apple unexpectedly announced the 4th generation version of the tablet. I myself am an owner of the 3rd generation iPad and what’s even worse is that I bought mine barely three weeks ago, so when Phil Schiller took to the stage to introduce a newer tablet than mine (that wasn’t the iPad mini), it got me very upset.

After this occurrence, I wondered if I could get my current iPad replaced for the 4th generation one and so I went ahead and called the Apple Store closest to me (Roosevelt Field Mall, Garden City, NY) but all to no avail since my 14 day return period had expired. I then called the Apple Store in NYC (767, 5th Ave, New York) and they gave me a complicated workaround but it worked anyways. This was what the Apple Store employee told me: if your return deadline fell within 14 days before or after the announcement of the new iPad then you are eligible for an exchange.

This obviously made me a happy Apple customer again and I am looking forward to testing out and playing with the new iPad once it is released and I can get my hands on it. Although, from what I hear, not all Apple Stores are operating the same way and offering this service, so please go ahead and give your closest Apple Store a call and ask them what their policy is specifically.

Unfortunately, some iPad owners do not fall within this grace period. But not to worry, there are a good number of websites that are willing to pay cash for a 3rd generation iPad if you are desperate to get your hands on the 4th generation. Some of the sites include:

Head on down to these sites if you are not able to trade it in with Apple.
So what do you think? Are you an unhappy Apple customer for this? Or do you not care about the 4th generation iPad for it to bother you. Let us know in the comments section below.


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