Nairaland Hits 26 Million Monthly Impressions, Dumps Google AdSense

Nairaland, for the first time ever, has released its numbers to the public. In a Nairaland post by founder Seun Osewa, Nairaland is getting a total of over 26 million impressions and is dumping Google’s AdSense.

In the month of September, Nairaland saw 12,500,698 impressions from Personal Computers and 13,544,242 from mobile users. This means PC impressions were an average of 403,248 daily and mobile impressions were an average of 436,911 daily.

Nairaland Ads

The Nairaland founder says they will run 10 banner ad slots at N10,000 daily per slot. Below are example stats for an ad by Daily Post.

The Problem

The difference between these Nairaland Ads and Google Adwords and Adsense is targeting. Nairaland ads are targeted to Nairaland readers which is a very wide demographic to target. The ads aren’t targeted by context, interests, age group, gender or location in comparison to Google’s Adwords, Facebook ads and other ad platforms.

There’s also no analytic dashboard for you to analyse data. All advertisers get to know is that they’re running a certain number of ads and getting a certain number of clicks from which a click-through-rate can be gotten.

It’ll also be great if advertisers could spend more flexible amounts.

Seems like Nairaland should have waited a while and worked on a proper product before launching this.

There’s obviously a large room for improvement in analytics on its ad service. After the post on Nairland, Seun Osewa says there will be a way for people to run ads on Nairaland for N5,000


What do you think about Nairaland’s new ad service.


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