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Facts And Stats From Mobile Web West Africa 2012

The Mobile Web West Africa conference officially ended on Friday last week. It was a gathering of Mobile developers, advertisers, enthusiasts and let’s not forget the bloggers.

Almost every representative from every company shared their stats. Men lie, women lie but numbers don’t.

Here’s a roundup of mobile web and application statistics that were shared at the event.

  • 70 percent of Internet users in Africa are mobile
  • In the 1st quarter of 2012, InMobi had 34 billion ad impressions, a 200% growth from the last quarter
  • Nigeria is InMobi’s largest market with 8 billion impressions in Q1
  • Nokia remains dominant in Nigeria while BlackBerry is seeing growth
  • With 69 percent of sports site visits, Goal.com is the major site for accessing football. Complete Sports stands at 7th
  • There are over 77 million  BlackBerry subscribers worldwide, 190 million shipped devices.
  • Over 2 billion apps downloaded from BlackBerry App World to date and 177 million  apps downloaded monthly
  • Nigeria makes up 32% of downloaded BlackBerry apps in Africa
  • 32% of BlackBerry App Developers make over $100K
  • BlackBerry Curve 8250 is RIM’s best selling phone in Nigeria
  • Mobile is 3.5 percent of Africa’s GDP
  • In South Africa, 39 percent of emails sent and received are by mobile phone
  • Within three days of Bozza’s launch, there were 40,000 downloads. 170,000 in the 3 months that followed
  • MXit has over 50 million registered users with 750 million messages a day
  • MXit makes about $2 million of chat room ‘Mula’. Mula is the virtual currency on MXit
  • 60 percent of Google searches in Nigeria are mobile
  • 65 percent of mobile internet users download stuff
  • Nokia’s Ovi store has 100,000 apps and 13 million downloads daily
  • CcHub has about 445 members, 16 corporate members, six hackathons, two start-ups and two managed funds
  • There are 21 million mobile phones in Ghana. That’s a penetration rate of over 80%
  • Eskimi has over 3 million Nigerians on its network, 10,000 new users everyday. 180,000 use it everyday. 1 billion ad impressions monthly
  • Guinness VIP has about 1 million users
  • In four months, Guiness VIP had 530,000 users. 9000+ of them are on every second
  • Nigeria has an estimated number of 2million Twitter users. Facebook stands at 4.1million
  • Opera Mini is the most downloaded app in Nigeria. 10.48million downloads
  • 61 percent of views on BBC’s mobile site are from Nigeria. 61 out of the 35% international views
  • 90 percent of mobile web surfing in Nigeria is done via Opera Mini
  • Facebook has 90 percent of its Nigerian users accessing it via mobile

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