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Mobile Browsing Continues To Eclipse Desktop Browsing In Nigeria For 9 Months [STATS]

Last year, we reported that  mobile web browsing in Nigeria overtook desktop browsing for an entire month. It’s been 9 months since we’ve been tracking the numbers and mobile browsing has continued to eclipse desktop browsing in Nigeria. All figures are StatCounter’s public stats and are largely based on its embed codes placed on millions of blogs and websites worldwide.

Mobile users now account for 57.36 percent of all internet activity while desktop users account for 42.64 percent down from 51.34 percent in September 2011. Mobile activity is up from 48.66 percent in September 2011. The reason for this is simple: Our 21st century lifestyle require us to be on the move a lot, I’ve never brought out my laptop while I’m on the road. It’s always my mobile phone. Always. The initial draft for this post was done on mobile.

Mobile Browsers

Opera’s fleet of mobile browsers continue to lead the mobile market but has dropped from 90.53 percent in September 2011 to 83.1 percent in July 2012. On the other hand, Nokia’s native browser has gained market share from 5.81 percent in September 11 to 8.21 percent in July 2012. This might be due to a speed increase in Nokia’s native browsers.

Android Browser continues to struggle as UC Browser gains 5.92 percent of the mobile browser market share.

Desktop Browsers

Safari  accounts for 7.5 percent of all desktop browsing as Firefox versions retain supremacy of a total market share of 46.19 percent. Internet Explorer is seeing a decline to 23.09 percent, Chrome goes up to 17.7 percent as Opera carries last at 3.45 percent.

Social Media

Facebook remains the leader in the social networking space although it currently seems to be on a downward trend. Facebook accounts for 85.69 percent of all social networking activity, Twitter accounts for 6.78 percent.

Desktop OSes

On the Desktop OS side, Windows XP and Windows Vista are seeing a sharp drop in market share as Windows 7 continues to rise. Windows 7 accounts for 54.69 percent of all desktop web activity, while windows XP and Vista account for 26.37 percent and 8.33 percent respectively. Mac users are at the bottom of the food chain as iOS seems to be on a continuous rise.
We’re not sure why StatCounter segments iOS under desktop browsers.

Mobile OSes

For mobile OSs, Nokia’s Series 40 has seen a sharp rise in the last four months, accounting for 46.43 percent of all mobile web activity, as Symbian declines into 24.25 percen11t.

This seems weird but it turns out Android stands at 2.43 percent of all web traffic and the BlackBerry at 1.17 percent. The market segmentation of Android phones and their price differences can account for this.

Search Engines

Google accounts for 90.2 percent of internet searches from Nigeria. Yahoo and Bing have been on a decline in the last four months. For mobile search, Google accounts for a comfortable 99.3 percent of all mobile searches.

What Does This Mean?

It means everyone who’s launching anything internet based as of now, needs to focus on the mobile users as mobile is currently a larger market than desktop users.

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