Mobile Browsing Overtakes Desktop Browsing In Nigeria. Symbian Remains Dominant, Internet Explorer Falls To Firefox [STATS]

According to statistics from Statcounter, mobile browsing has overtaken desktop browsing in Nigeria, making it the first in Africa to experience this. Web browsing on mobile devices increased by over 25% between October 2010 and October 2011, while web browsing on desktops decreased by 27% within the same time range.

Mobile phones accounted for 52.5% of web browsing, while Desktops accounted for 47.5% of web browsing in October. Nigeria currently has the largest mobile phone user base in Africa with over 93 million subscribers as at September 2011. In the past year however, Desktops ruled with 62.48% of web browsing. Leaving mobile with 37.52%.

Firefox is the leading desktop browser of choice with about 43% of the desktop browsing share, Internet Explorer comes second with about 32%, chrome stands at about 12%, while Opera and Safari aren’t even up to 5% of total browser usage. Chrome has seen growth by over 5% in the last year, while Internet explorer usage has fallen by over 8%. Safari has seen 3% growth, while Opera usage declined by 0.01%.

On the mobile side, Nokia’s Symbian OS is King of mobile views with 81.2% of total views in the last year, while other platforms battle it out at the bottom.

For Social Networks, Facebook rules with 91.83%, while Twitter grew from 3.41% to 4.83% within the year. Youtube comes third, StumbleUpon fourth, leaving LinkedIn, NowPublic and Digg battling it out at the very bottom.

Google is supreme in mobile search with 99.65% of all searches in the past year. Yahoo stands at 0.19%, Bing at 0.06% of total searches.
What does this mean?
This clearly means there’s an increase in mobile pageviews so developers and web masters need to make their sites mobile friendly. You’ll also notice the overtaking occured in October. Desktops could overtake again in November so don’t write off PCs.  Safari’s rise means there’s an obvious increase in Mac users, while Symbians dominance means Symbian will be king for a while. There’s very small increase in Android and iOS however, but let’s not forget all the ‘unknown’ devices in between.

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Sources: StatCounter, Techloy


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