Android Accounts For 68.1% Of All Smartphones Sold In Q2[STATS]

In a new report from IDC, Google’s Android OS accounts for 68.1 percent  of all smartphones sold in the second quarter of 2012. Android and iOS accounted for 85 percent of the entire smartphone market, leaving RIM’s BlackBerry and Symbian with 4.8 percent and 4.4 percent respectively.

In a statement from IDC, Ramon Llamas, senior research analyst with Mobile Phone Technology and Trends program says “The market was entreated to several flagship models from Android’s handset partners, prices were well within reach to meet multiple budgetary needs, and the user experience from both Google and its handset partners boosted Android smartphones’ utility far beyond simple telephony” .

Android definitely got support from its wide range of OEMs especially Samsung, which accounted for 44 percent of all Android phones sold. Demand for Apple’s iPhone has slowed due to rumors and speculations of a new iPhone in the third quarter of the year.

Compared to Q2 of 2011, Symbian has seen a 62.9 percent drop – its sharpest year-over-year drop ever.  Windows based mobile phones  however gained market share to place  fifth with 3.5 percent of smartphone market share in Q2 of 2012.

Android is definitely going to continue rising as more OEMs produce Android-based devices. iOS on the other hand will rise when a new iPhone hits the market.

Source: Mashable via IDC


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