HTC Rezound Gets An Extended Battery

We saw the launch of HTC’s Rezound a few weeks back and I remember one of the problems with the specifications was the battery. With a 1.5GHz CPU and Ice Cream Sandwich, it’s sure to squeeze the juice out of your battery. HTC initially added a 1620 mAh battery to the device which should last you an average of a day according to reviews. HTC knows there are days when you’ll be too busy to place your phone down and charge it. Hence, they’ve added a 2750mAh extension to last even longer. HTCpedia says the extended batter is 3/4 of an inch.

This means you’re already huge HTC Rezound will be even bigger. The battery has its own cover to accommodate the space it’s going to take. The cover still takes the form of the Rezound’s normal battery cover although the beats logo is missing. For now this is the only option for users, until HTC’s inductive charging filing gets through the FTC. You can get it for around $50

Images: HTCpedia


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  • Aaron Barniv

    This extended battery, although slightly bulky is an amazing addition to an already great phone!

    They can get kind of pricey, so I did some searching around and found a great price at: