Global Mobile Penetration Rate Crosses 75 Percent

A new World Bank paper reports that over three-quarters of the world population has a mobile connection. The total mobile subscription stands at over 6 billion – a six-fold increase from 2000 when it stood at about 1 billion. The majority of the growth in mobile subscription has been in the developing countries as there are 5 billion connected lines while the advanced countries account for the rest.

The report also suggest that the so called “smartphone revolution” has taken off as over 30 billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2011. According to Tim Kelly – the World Bank’s Lead ICT Policy Specialist;

The mobile revolution is right at the start of its growth curve: mobile devices are becoming cheaper and more powerful while networks are doubling in bandwidth roughly every 18 months and expanding into rural areas.”

Countries such as Kenya, India and Palestine have utilised the massive potential in the mobile connectivity. Kenya has developed its M-PESA mobile payment platform and Palestine has JobMatch service for jobless young people by Souktel.What opportunities do you think these could bring for the global economy?

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