YouTube Co-founders Launch MixBit: Create Videos From Others’ Videos


My video app is better than yours. In the ever growing battle for user time(and bandwith), Vine, Vimeo, Instagram, YouTube and Keek have even more competition. MixBit – launched by YouTube Co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen is the new kid around the corner.

MixBit is an iPhone app that lets users record, edit, share and mix videos from other users into a video of your own. It was created by Hurley and Chen’s company – Avos Systems.

To record a video in MixBit, all you have to do is tap and hold the screen until your video finishes recording.  In the continuing trend of Internet limits, the app lets you record only 16 seconds of video. You can also include only 256 clips in a video mix.

MixBit Screenshots

Thankfully, the app has no filters but allows you rearrange clips and save drafts. Currently, you can’t upload pre-recorded videos but the founders say the feature will be added soon.

Here’s my favourite part about MixBit – no numbers. Users have no idea how many times a video has been viewed or shared. There are also no profiles or followers. Chad Hurley says he’s turned off by self promotion on the Internet. You can however, watch any video you like within the app and share as you wish.

All videos uploaded to MixBit are in the public domain and any user can use any of the clips uploaded.

Download MixBit From The Apple App Store. An Android version is in the works.

Source: Mashable


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