Vimeo’s ‘Looks’ Feature Lets You Add Visual Effects To Videos

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Following the recent trend of adding filters to photos set by photo-sharing platform Instagram, Vimeo has announced that it will be rolling out its own similar feature. Yes, you heard me say Vimeo. The video sharing/streaming site in partnership with Vivoom has announced a new feature called ‘Looks’ which allows video creators to add visual effects to their videos. The Company said it will be adding over 500 effects as part its Enhancer toolbox allowing user to give their viewers a unique and different look.

Vimeo has made it possible for users to preview these filters in real-time, as well as letting them be customisable in the sense that you can implement various editing options, such as trimming and adjusting the intensity of each one. They also said the best thing about Looks is that the more you use it, the more likely it is to learn your very own visual preferences. Vimeo says it will continue to work with Vivoom to grow and deliver more of the “highest quality effects,” adding that the main goal is for each and every user to “find what’s best for their personal needs.”

If you are Vimeo account holder you can head over to Vimeo now and play around with Looks for the during the 90-day trial and after that it will cost 99 cents for each visual effect.

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Source: Engadget

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