[BREAKING] Facebook Announces Video for Instagram

Facebook, in a media event today, announced that it would be bringing video to Instagram on both the iOS and Android platforms.

Facebook says it aims to make video creation and sharing as easy as possible. With this new feature, the general User Experience of the app remains mostly the same in the update with the main difference being the addition of a video camera button which allows users capture up to 15 seconds of video which the user could them apply some editing to and post to their Instagram feed.

This new feature is very similar to the Twitter Vine app. This fact, in conjunction with the recent introduction of hashtags to the Facebook site will inevitably lead to questions about whether Facebook is starting to copy  features from Twitter. Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s founder would have us believe otherwise, claiming that the video feature was in the original plans for Instagram and has been in the works since the app’s inception.

Some of the highlights of this new video-sharing feature include:

  • Record and share videos 3 – 15 seconds in length
  • Ability to add filters to recorded video (in true Instagram fashion)
  • Ability to delete segments of the recorded video
  • Ability to select video thumbnail

What do you think of this new feature? Are you going to use it? Does instagram really need video? Is Facebook becoming too much like twitter? Please drop a comment anf let us know.

Dunni Abiodun

Dunni is a tech enthusiast who has great interest in all fields of tech but places his primary interests in the development of mobile platforms and in tech innovation in emerging markets. He has been a blogger for over 3 years now and covers a variety of topics.

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