Google Turns 13 With A Doodle

Welcome to adolescence Google. You’re going to go through puberty – digital puberty. Mean people in your class like Facebook and Twitter might try to bring you down. Just be friends with them and the world will be a happy place. You might get a new boyfriend in a merger like Blogger and Zagat, they’re really good friends now. You’ve come a long way Google, thirteen years and you’re still going strong.

From this:

To this:

Google truly has grown as a whole company. From all of us at Technesstivity, we say Happy Birthday! Many more years of digital developments. We also wouldn’t mind some cake. As usual, clicking the Doodle leads you to a Google search for ‘Google’. Which I still find funny.

Faridah D. Seriki

Faridah Seriki has been interested in technology since she got her hands on a desktop when she was 8. She founded Technesstivity after releasing a successful blog she made for class combining her passion for both journalism and technology. Faridah graduated from Vivian Fowler in 2009 and now lives in New York where she is a Broadcast Journalism major with a minor in Computer Science at Hofstra University.

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