Android takes the Malware No. 2 spot & Tips on Malware Prevention

The first quarter of 2011 saw the most popular mobile phone OS, Android, become the second most popular haven for malware amongst its counterparts, although historically Android is the third most popular malware haven.

Android, because of it’s open source nature, has allowed different program writers to be able to write malware to go against the Android OS or sometimes fake anti-virus software that will deploy itself on a mobile phone running the Android OS. There are lots of users on the Android phone market and so this may pose a problem for the Android OS but there are trusted anti-virus solutions on the Android App Market that will be able to deal with the malware issues.

If you personally own an Android device, take the following steps to prevent downloading malware from the Android Market.

    1. Download apps that are from trusted developers and you have heard of.
    2. Always read reviews and make sure that they are good before you download an app that you have not heard of in the past.
    3. Have an antivirus app installed on your device to prevent malware intrusion.
    4. Scan your device frequently to prevent malware from deploying on your device.

But tell us what you think about Android being this high on the malware list. Will they remain there in the second quarter of 2011? Or will Android take steps to combat the rising malware list. Tell us your thoughts in the comments box below.

Paul Ogunlowo

Paul Ogunlowo is a technology enthusiast. He loves testing, playing with and owning any and every gadget on the market. He is a Junior student studying Information Technology at Hofstra University in New York. In his spare time he develops websites.

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