Facebook launches Facebook Messenger for iPhone and Android[PICS]

Facebook has launched ‘Facebook Messenger’ an App for Android and iPhone that allows its users send messages through its network. This comes after facebook’s acquisition of group messaging app Beluga in march. This is Facebook’s second official mobile application outside the official Facebook app. It is currently available in the App Store and on Android Market.

The app works very smoothly, all you have to do is login to the messenger and you’ll immediately see your recent chats or messages. Messages are sent in real-time and there’s no need to refresh or reload the app. You can also attach photos to the messages and give message threads a name.

The Messenger also has an alert system. Alerts for new messages can be turned on or off and can be delayed until a specific time. The alert settings can be set for a particular thread or for all messages.

The App is basically the same for iPhone and Android. Here are a few Screenshots of the App

Facebook Messenger is definitely going to give apps like GroupMe and the upcoming iMessages a tough time. What do you think?


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