ipNX, Galaxy Wireless and Intercontinental Bank Shut Down By NCC For Illegal 5.4GHz Spectrum Use

The Nigerian Communications Commission(NCC) has shutdown iPNX and Galaxy Wireless and confiscated their transmitting facilities for illegally using the unclicensed 5.4GHz frequency band. Intercontinetal Bank’s transmitting equipment have also been confiscated for illegally using the frequency band.

The NCC had earlier warned ISPs and other companies illegally using the 5.4 GHz frequency to discontinue their use or face consequences. Leadership reports that the NCC’s enforcement team sealed off the transmitting rooms of an Intercontinental Bank branch in Abuja and a branch of iPNX. The NCC’s Head of Media and Public Relations, Reuben Muoka says the enforcement was in line with the Commission’s mandate and commitment to ensure that the frequency band was not misused and abused.

The defaulting companies will pay all fees for the use of the 5.4 GHZ frequency band for the duration of use. They’ll also be paying fines for defaulting.

Is NCC right?

There’s some discussion across the web about how Unlicensed spectrums can’t possibly be illegal. Apparently the point of unlicensed spectrums is for them to be used without payments :S. This school of thought also says that the NCC must have known what spectrum the companies were operating at before they started operations.

We’ll keep you updated as more details unfold. What do you think? Please leave us a comment

Source: TechLoy via Leadership


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  • francis kite

    wow,i wonder how much the fine is

  • Okonkwo chima

    It is good goverment, wake up to illegal activities, by multiy national companies in the contry. The y are a waist to the economy