Google Celebrates American Independence Day with Doodle

Google is celebrating American Independence day, 4th of July with a special doodle. It’s a Google logo in blue red and white on its homepage along with American icons – Baseball, The Statue of Liberty, The Eagle and The golden gate bridge are embedded in the logo. This doodle isn’t as interactive as other doodles we’ve seen his year but it serves its purpose. Google announced the Doodle via Twitter “From sea to shining sea, a very happy Fourth to everyone.... Read More

Mark Zuckerberg Is Most Followed User On Google+

Imagine the irony that the leader of the opposing camp is most followed in your camp. It now almost seems like he signed up for a G+ account to prove a point (what would that be by the way). It could only mean two things though; either G+ is excelling so well that a lot of Mark Zuckerberg’s lovers are signed up or hey! he was Time Magazine’s Man of the Year for 2010 so he’s popular on any platform…. Anyway it should make Google happy. Kinda mixed feelings... Read More

Playstation 4 Set to Launch in 2012 (RUMOUR)

So according to the DigiTimes, Sony has announced that manufacturers would begin work on the Playstation 4 at the end of this year so that it may see a launch date probably late in 2012. Foxconn and Pegatron Technology, who were responsible for the assembling of the PS3 will lead the manufacture of the PS4 as well. Rumour also has it that the Playstation 4 will feature motion control similar to that of the Xbox’s Kinect. Now, the issue that should be causing gamers discomfort... Read More

Sex Doll Technology Used In Dentist’s Office

The Japanese are at it again! And this time its at the dentist’s office. No longer with will you or your child be the lab rat dental students use to gain experience with the job, because they now have  ’Sex Dolls’. These Humanoid Robots are not meant to serve the purpose of sexual gratification. Rather, the technology with which these sex dolls were built with has been used to build the Hanako Showa 2. The Hanako Showa 2 is a robotic patient built in Japan... Read More

No Amber for the Nigerian ‘Rosebuds’[UPDATED]

Amber Rose has announced via Twitter that she was never booked for any show in Nigeria. Amber Rose was supposed to be the host of ‘Music Meets Runway’ a Fashion and Music event organised by La Reeve Events. The Event is supposed to hold on the 9th of July at the Expo Centre of Eko Hotel at 6pm. For now this is all we know as La Reeve hasn’t responded to this report. We have continued to see Twitter as a mainstream news platform. Last month, D’Banj announced... Read More

Inspired by Google+, Facebook Engineers build Circle Hack for Facebook lists

Since Google+ Launched last week, A lot of its users have said that it’s heavily influenced by Facebook considering it has a news-feed like home page and a sidebar showing photos and other additions. Circle Hack is a tool built by Vladimir Kolesnikov, Peng Fan, Zahan Malkani and Brian Rosenthal that let’s you easily create and add people to your Facebook lists and it looks like the Circles feature in Google+ On Facebook, the only way to create lists normally is... Read More

South Korean Government Plans To Swap Textbooks For Tablets By 2015

The South Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has announced that it will invest over $2billion by 2015 towards the development of digital textbooks. At the early stage of the transition both paperback and digital textbooks will be used. The digital textbooks will contain content from paper textbooks as well as interactive multimedia and FAQs to help students understand the system better. The government also plans to build a cloud computing system so users will... Read More


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