3G iPod Touch In The Works? [RUMOR]

According to a report from AppleSpot.nl, the iPod Touch  will get a data-only service when the next generation is released, which seems to be sometime later this year. If this falls into place, the iPod Touch’s newer version will not only let you enjoy your music and gaming experience but also other apps that require an Internet connection on the go like Skype; just like having an iPhone but without calling and texting abilities. Now this would kind of make the iPhone useless because as the ad goes “there’s an app for that”.

The report says “It (the iPod Touch) will work just like the iPad; you get a 3G enabled simcard from your provider and put that in you iPod Touch.” It’s still a rumor though, and it might be somewhat pointless, but it does give Apple an edge over the rest of the competition.

What do you think? Would you buy one if this were true? Drop a comment.

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  1. someone says:

    you cannot facetime over 3g

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