Study Says Google+ Hit 25 Million Visitors

Andrew Lipsman, Vice President of Industry Analysis at ComScore says Google+ hit 25 Million Visitors on July 24 almost a month after it was launched. Google+ had reached 10 Million Users in its third week and then 18Million a few days after that.

On the contrary, a report from Experian Hitwise shows that  visits to Google+ fell 3% for the week ending July 23, compared to the previous week, and that average time spent on site fell by 10%. ComScore’s report shows people spent about 50% more time on the network in the week ending July 24 than in the week that ended on July 10.

What do you think? Is Google+ growing, shrinking or should we wait for an official report from Google?

Here are some screenshots from the report:







How long did it take other Social Networks to get to 25Million?


Source: Mashable

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