The Right kind of Hacking

There has been so much hacking in the past few months, it has been almost impossible to keep track of them all but recently, there is one that has gained the right kind of publicity and can be somewhat referred to as The Right kind of Hacking.

An unknown group has recently hacked into the infamous terrorist group: Al-Qaida’s network and has managed to shut down its ability to communicate its messages to the world through the Internet. The network is only expected to be crippled for a couple of days though. There is speculation that this could have been a government-sponsored hack attack against Al-Qaida.

This is not the first time that Al-Qaida’s network has been messed with though. Earlier this moth, British intelligence agency, M16 replaced a site sponsored by Al-Qaida dedicated to bomb-making instructions, with a cupcake recipe from American TV show hostess Ellen DeGeneres.

So tell us what you think. Is this the type of hacking that we want to see occur more often. Or should hacking not even take place at all. Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.

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