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Paga Now Allows Deposits Via MasterCard and Verve

Paga has announced via its Facebook page, that deposits can now be made into Paga accounts via MasterCard or Verve accounts. All the user has to do is visit the website, login and click ‘Deposit’. MasterCard and Verve popup as deposit options. You can then connect your account and enter the amount you wish to deposit. You then receive a confirmation of your deposit.

Paga is one of Nigeria’s leading mobile money platforms. Paga begun rolling out its services across the country early this year. The service allows users send money to each other and via the internet or SMS. Paga users can also purchase airtime for their phones and pay bills.

Before the MasterCard and Verve deposit options, Paga users had to fund their accounts by paying into accounts at one of the partner banks or at Paga agents.

Seems like a great idea doesn’t it? I thought MasterCard and Verve were for cashless transactions already. So you transfer to an account and then use that account to pay. Paga hasn’t really added any value with this feature. It’s still like running multiple bank accounts.

You still have to transfer to a transfer for a transfer. I want one account :|

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  • babse

    I visited their website and I definitely like the idea. I think the best part just might be that there is no maintenance fee. I'm curious to know if using Mastercards also allows folks with Foreign accounts to connect their cards to it. If its possible then I think these guys have something incredible on their hands. I shall toy with it when i'm opportuned.

    • Binjo

      I’ll check with them and get back to you