Etisalat Wants You To Go Gaga With New Android Smartphone

Etisalat recently launched its Gaga Android smartphone targeted at today’s data consuming youth. The phone runs on Android 2.2, has a 2.8 inch full capacity touch screen, a 3.2 megapixel camera and an accelerometer built in. It also includes WiFi and Bluetooth services as well as FM radio and GPS navigation.

You can view and edit documents on the go with its built in document viewer that lets you view and edit Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. It also comes with an 8GB memory card which can hold about 1,600 songs. Not bad. It packs a 528MHz processor.

The official site says it has “fast internet download speed(s) of up to 7.2Mbps”. Hopefully this isn’t false advertising as it runs on Etisalat’s 3.75G HSPA+ network which should be good enough.

The network introduces this phone along with a pretty sweet offer that consists of 20k/sec calling to all networks, no access fee, 4 months of free 50MB data and a price tag of N18,999 which is applicable to new and existing customers.

One thing that might be a downside though is that the phone is fully customized for Etisalat and is locked to their network.

What do you think about the phone? Would you buy it; is the offer inviting?

You can get in on the offer by texting gaga to 8180.

UPDATE: This video basically shows what the phone is about, though there will be some differences. Watch and share your thoughts.

Faridah D. Seriki

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14 Responses to “Etisalat Wants You To Go Gaga With New Android Smartphone”
  1. manuel says:

    i went to an outlet wit money on me cos i wanted to buy the gaga phone but idint buy it cos it is locked to etisalat,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,dat is not cool at all and i know many will not go for it cos of the same reason………………….

  2. @Faaridah says:

    yeaah, that's a con

  3. ruby says:

    the fon is a ZTE brand… just as the ZTE modems are locked to to its own network provider and has been successfuly cracked.. me think it wont be a challenge to break the code…

  4. Hykont. says:

    Is this gaga smart phone a multi-tasking phone?

  5. hussein says:

    the phone is really sleek,attractive and very buying it……..

  6. keec says:

    i rlly dnt knw wat y’all think and believe me i dnt care!
    I jst found my next mobile phone. Evn if its locked to d netwrk its nt bad cos dat is like d best netwrk in d country ryt nw. N their data services are mouth watering! N its jst #19,000

  7. wilfred says:

    is this phone dual sim?

  8. Jovie Onyema says:

    i'm seriously eyeing that phone. unless someone says something to spoil my mind, i may just go ahead and get it

  9. Arnold says:

    Is the phone with the social network applications?

  10. mishyzeel says:

    i think d fone is great,etisalat sure do knw how 2 get attention,i mean it aint possible 2 get a fone dat runs android 2.2 os,am gettng 1 4 meself 2day

  11. Emeka says:

    Pple do this phone have social network application as (bbm)?

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