Apple Re-invents Textbooks With iBooks 2[VIDEO]

In an NYC media event on Thursday, Apple announced its decision to partake in the e-textbook industry. The company decided that the iPad would be the best tool to bring textbooks to student – this would in-turn increase iPad adoption further. iTunes U was also modified. An app has been created for iTunes U on the app store and textbooks are to be available via courses available on iTunes U.

iBooks textbooks is available via iBooks 2 which is available on the Apple App Store as an update. iBooks textbooks would include features such as highlighting text, taking notes, have the ability to add interactive content such as images and videos and many more. The textbooks can be published by anyone onto the iBooks store with an app for Macs called iBooks Author which is available for free on the Mac App Store. Top publishers like McGraw Hill and Pearson have already begun publishing textbooks to the iBooks store for users to purchase.

Here is the official video presentation of iBooks textbooks:


What do you think of Apple’s involvement in the e-textbook industry? Would this feature sway you to buy an iPad or would you stick to the conventional textbook? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.

Paul Ogunlowo

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